Why Us?

Why Us?


Law is undergoing massive structural change. Lawyers need to adapt, and we’re all for it. In fact, we’ve been recognised nationally for our contribution towards that change. We’re frequently asked to collaborate, beta test and give feedback on new and innovative technology. It’s something we love doing, and it’s opening up opportunities to make legal services more affordable, more accessible and more relevant. At the coal face, we’re iterating our service offerings literally daily to make sure that what we give you is what you want, not what’s traditionally on offer.


Yes, we’ve got experts, in fact, they’re leaders in their fields. But there’s more to it than just being a really good lawyer. There’s nuance, and empathy, and humility, and acuity, and concern. They’re not learnt in law school, but they’re cultivated here. We want to be an effective partner for our clients. Our culture promotes people who think. That’s what an effective partner should do.



Every law firm claims decades of experience. The problem is, it fades  – when a file is archived, or when a lawyer moves on. With this in mind, we’re investing heavily in building systems that lever all our team member’s expertise to the point where all of us will have, quite literally at our fingertips, decades of answers, no matter who answered them. The potential for time and money saved is nothing short of exponential. We call it PD Leverage.