Our Story

An Opportunity for Change

the early days

PD Law began as our opportunity for change, and a chance to build a strong culture, and a vibrant, exciting opportunity for growth for everyone in our team, our clients and community. We decided it was within our power to make our business fit, complement and boost our team’s future and lifestyle, and provide a service clients actually needed as opposed to what lawyers traditionally believed should be provided.

When we incorporated PD Law we probably knew then more than we realised about what we wanted to build, and how we wanted PD Law to look and feel. From the outset we made conscious decisions to do things to further our plan.


In 2012 we were a small team of 5 in an office about 3 times as big as our needs. We didn’t have the capital to fit it out but we were creative. We went hard at it, working flat out building our client base, satisfying those clients, establishing our direction, our team, our culture and ground up service differentiation. In addition to doing work to pay the bills, we invested heavily in ourselves to learn how to create a business that did more than provide traditional legal services – we wanted to offer a service our clients actually needed, rather than what they were traditionally used to.

Us Now

Fast forward to 2021, our team has almost quadrupled in size, and we’ve taken up every bit of available space and now have offices located in Cannonvale, Proserpine, Bowen and Brisbane.

We are making our business operate, grow, and perform how we want it to, by keeping our clients, and our team, front and centre. With considered decisions and positive (though sometimes infinitesimal and intolerably slow) steps. But it is happening.

PD Law continues to be an opportunity for change.