About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is:
  • to be effective partners for our clients;
  • to encourage initiative, innovation, growth and a healthy working environment; and
  • to evolve.

Our Story 

PD Law began as our opportunity for change. Founding PD Law was a chance to build a strong culture, a vibrant and exciting opportunity for growth for everyone in our team, our clients and community. We decided it was within our power to make our business fit, complement and boost our teams future and lifestyle.

When we incorporated PD Law we probably knew then more than we realised about what we wanted to build, and how we wanted PD Law to look and feel. From the outset we made conscious decisions to do things to further our plan, such as buying a disused 25-year-old unit on the beach instead of the conventional wisdom of setting up shop in a strip mall next to lawyers, accountants, banks and real estate agents.

In 2012 we were a small team of 5 in an office about 3 times as big as our needs. We didn’t have the capital to fit it out but we were creative. We went hard at it, working flat out trying to build a client base, satisfy those clients,  establish our direction, our team, and our culture. In addition to doing work to pay the bills, we invested heavily in ourselves to learn how to create a business that did what we wanted it to do.

Fast forward to 2018, our team has tripled in size, we’ve taken up every bit of available space and our office has now had several makeovers the last of which is very cool – see the accompanying images.

We’ve just, and we mean just been able to take a breath, take stock and prepare for our next stage of growth.

We are making our business operate, grow, and perform how we want it to. With considered decisions and positive (though often infinitesimal and intolerably slow) steps. But it is happening.

PD Law continues to be an opportunity for change.

Our Principles 

  • We provide a modern and healthy workplace where we care about the future and health of all of our people.
  • We believe motivated and happy people result in satisfied clients.
  • We believe that continuous learning is the key to success.
  • We don’t ever take the view that we know best.
  • We strive to be creative and find better ways to deliver our service.
  • We don’t fear failure. We learn from it.
  • We’re always ready to recognise an opportunity.

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"We believe that the gap between good and great makes the difference".

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