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The practice of family law relates to some of the most emotional, unknown and stressful situations in our lives – good and bad.  There are all types of relationships and they shift and change over the course of our lives.  Relationships become long-term partnerships, extend to include children – as well as the family and friends of our partners – and, sometimes, break down.



In emotional situations, you need more than just legal expertise and PD Law people have life experience, empathy, strength and tenacity to help you navigate a path in a way that works best for you.

Our family law experts will work with you at all points of your relationship where there are legal implications and good decisions are needed.


No matter the situation, our approach is anchored in the best interest of our client: now and into the future; emotionally and financially; with consideration for children, and for your connection with others affected by your relationship.

Don’t know where to start?  Too much info? Need some clarity?


Start at the beginning – with our First Things First Package.


Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll have a one-hour appointment with one of our expert family lawyers
  • You’ll receive our Family Law Road Map which gives you some essential general advice including important next steps and
  • You’ll also get our detailed staged fee proposal that gives you:
    • the steps involved in getting from here to there
    • what each step costs, and
    • likely time frames.

I’m worried I won’t take it all in – how can you help?

Sometimes just coming to see a lawyer can be difficult, confronting, and even intimidating. Rest assured we don’t do legal jargon, but that said, if after we’ve met you’d also like a written report covering your situation  –  tailored to your family problem setting out a range of solutions –  we can prepare one for you to. Of course, we’ll tell you exactly what it will cost and once again, this is a fixed fee service, no extras. You can then decide if you’d like that report or not and we can go forward from there. Once again, it will be entirely your choice.


I want to get the most out of my session. What info will you need?

Our secure online platform is the best way to provide the information we’ll need to have a productive discussion. This simple online interview will even provide some initial, personalised information on Family Law to help you prepare for a meaningful first meeting with one of our experts. Click here to get started now.


I’d really prefer to know where I am right now. What can I do online?

If you’d like to get some early answers, you can use our online tool which generates a bespoke, helpful summary particular to your situation. Click here to get started now.



First Things First Package

Our First Things First Package is designed to help get you started and to point you in the right direction. Download our information flyer to see how it works.


Wills and Separation

Separation will not invalidate a Will or Enduring Power of Attorney made during your relationship and/or marriage. This means that your former partner may still benefit from your estate or exercise powers as an attorney long after your Family Court matters have resolved. It is only after the Court issues a Divorce Order that any prior Will or Enduring Power of Attorney are of no effect.

If you have recently separated, you should review your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney to ensure that your wishes are updated. Provided your new Will contemplates a property settlement and divorce you will not need to then do another Will after you Divorce.

We recommend that you make this one of your first steps. If you want to know more read our Guide below.

Online Family Law Help

Take the First Step

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We provide online tools to help you get started in your own space in your own time to help you understand what might suit you best. You can get started for free, with no obligation.

Our online tool will ask you some simple questions in your own time and space. You’ll be given an introduction to the family law process. Our tool will help you collect information about your relationship and circumstances. It will introduce you to the topics we will discuss with you if you decide you’d like to come and meet our family lawyer. If you have any problems or queries, we would be happy to address them when we meet.

The aim of our online tool is to allow you to feel more prepared and in control while reducing anxiety.

Click here to get started now.

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Thinking about separating?

It’s a lot to think about and if there are tensions in your relationship, it can cloud your thinking.  Download our flyer for some practical considerations that can help clarify your thinking.

Get started online

Our secure online platform is an easy way to get started with PD Law. This simple online interview will provide some initial information and help you prepare for a productive discussion with one of our Family Law experts.

Meet Our Family Law experts

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Senior Lawyer

Elizabeth has a strong sense of justice for her clients’ causes and tempers this with a very practical approach to realistic outcomes so she can close out issues efficiently and without unnecessary expense.

Ali Ladd

Ali Ladd


Ali has strong interpersonal skills that allow her to connect with clients and deliver the best possible outcomes. Her strong work ethic and organizational skills ensure that matters are handled efficiently and cost-effectively. Ali has exceptional research skills and talent for identifying and extracting the key issues of a situation. 

Natasha Barnett

Natasha Barnett

Legal Secretary

Natasha (Tash) Barnett is a Paralegal with PD Law, working primarily in Family Law and Criminal Law in our General Practice.

Tash is also a qualified Justice of the Peace – for anyone requiring their documents witnessing.

Need Access TO Legal Advice But Don’t Think You Can Afford It?

Are You Eligible for Legal Aid?

PD Law is a preferred supplier for legal aid in the region.  We can assist you with your eligibility and assist with you with making an application for a grant of aid.

To get a grant of legal aid, you must:

  • be financially eligible under the Legal Aid means test
  • have a legal problem which meets Legal Aid guidelines, which are based on the priorities set by the government
  • meet the Legal Aid merits test

How to get an application form:

You can use the client authority form(PDF, 83KB) to authorise another person to communicate with us about your application.