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It’s all about Relationships

The practice of family law relates to some of the most emotional, unknown and stressful situations in our lives – good and bad.  There are all types of relationships and they shift and change over the course of our lives.  Relationships become long-term partnerships, extend to include children – as well as the family and friends of our partners – and, sometimes, break down.

At all points in our relationships, we want to provide for – and protect – our loved ones and ourselves.

Always in YOUR best interests

No matter the situation, our approach is anchored in the best interest of our client: now and into the future; emotionally and financially; with consideration for children, and for your connection with others affected by your relationship.

How we can be an effective partner

In emotional situations, you need more than just legal expertise and PD Law people have life experience, empathy, strength and tenacity to help you navigate a path in a way that works best for you.

Our family law experts will work with you at all points of your relationship where there are legal implications and good decisions are needed.

Thinking about separating?

It’s a lot to think about and if there are tensions in your relationship, it can cloud your thinking.  Download our flyer for some practical considerations that can help clarify your thinking.

Have a chat with someone who will listen.

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Avril Cowarn

Avril Cowarn

Family Lawyer & Accredited Dispute Resolution Practitioner & Mediator

Natasha Hausler

Natasha Hausler

Family Law Para-Legal

Our Family Law Experts

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Do you need financial assistance for your legal matter?

Well now you can ask us - PD Law is now a preferred supplier for legal aid in the region. This means we can assist with your eligibility and help you to complete an application form which we can lodge online. Currently PD Law can provide legal help through legal aid...

What Do You Want From Your Family Lawyer?

We focus on: Cutting down on expense & emotional cost The resolution & not the battle Where possible, we prefer to stay out of Court, cutting down the expense and emotional cost, but when it's necessary we can prepare urgent applications to the Court to protect your...

Things to do when you are separating from a partner

Ending a relationship can be stressful and it’s easy to get confused trying to work out what you need to do to protect yourself and your assets at such an emotional time in your life. Here’s our tips on things you should do, or consider, when you separate from your...

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