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There’s no “I” in Team

We’ve been assisting developers for over 20 years. Apart from obvious variables such as timing and market strength, one of the most essential ingredients for a successful project we have observed and advocated is a cohesive project team. We’ve concluded that despite many references to project management in its various incarnations, save for some national development entities, this is rarely vigorously pursued.

Our Team

Developers shouldn’t underestimate the value in getting their ducks in a row. An experienced team will do this, and it quite literally makes the difference between roaring success and failure.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  We aim to bring it all together virtually from when you decide to develop, through to the sell-down of the final product. We work collaboratively with your agent, accountant, financiers of all levels, planners, surveyors, engineers, civil contractors and marketers, offering advice and experience as you need it.

Our Legal Experience

  • Pre-development and legal concept planning
  • Site acquisition and due diligence enquiries
  • Planning and development
  • Local government and other approval processes
  • Off the Plan Contracts
  • Environmental Covenants, Easements and Design Guidelines
  • Staged and layered developments for both land and community title subdivisions
  • Assisting marketing consultants with contract production and providing a brief on the essential terms of Contract and supporting documents
  • Put and Call Option Agreements
  • Infrastructure Agreements
  • Leasing – agricultural, commercial and retail shop leases and agreements to lease

From Here

We will soon have a guide which will give you some more information on what you need to think about. Check back here.


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Stuart Bell



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