Property Conveyancing


This is a big decision.

Get it right.

As far as life stages go, buying or selling property is a major milestone. Suddenly you’re negotiating with banks, real estate agents, finance /insurance brokers and lawyers. At this point, when pressure can mount, you will want the best possible working relationship with your law firm.
Peace of mind is an understatement!


Price is important in any transaction. Equally as important is the adage you get what you pay for. We don’t hold ourselves out to be the cheapest provider of legal services, but nor are we the most expensive. What we do hold ourselves out to be is very good at our job, practical, and responsive. You’ll also know exactly what it will cost you. Client satisfaction is how we judge our performance, not price.


Legal expertise is just the start. We also give you outstanding service. Our solicitors and conveyancers are experts in property transactions. Our knowledge makes buying and selling property frictionless and stress-free.



Read some of the basics in our Buying Real Estate in Queensland Guide

Our aim with this guide is to concisely summarise the process of buying property (homes, units, land) in Queensland

Don’t Forget to Take out an INsurance Policy once you sign the contract

The property is at your risk from 5pm on the next business day after the contract date, so it is critical that you talk to your broker about putting some insurance cover in place immediately. Although the seller has to take reasonable care of the property between contract date and settlement, you cannot force them to repair any accidental damage between the contract date and settlement date.


Pay your deposit on time

There’s a lot to think about when you’re buying a property. Before you sign your contract you need to ensure that:-

  • you can pay the deposit from your own funds and that it is not part of the funds being financed; and
  • you understand when the deposit falls due.

If the deposit is not paid to the deposit holder by 5 pm on the due date you will be in breach of Contract. If you pay the deposit after the due date unless the seller agrees to waive its rights to terminate due to the late payment of the deposit the seller can still terminate and take your deposit even after you’ve paid the deposit.

The important lesson here is to pay your deposit on time or let your conveyancer know your deposit is overdue before you pay it so that the appropriate steps can be taken to protect your deposit.



Cold feet – when you are bound

The law in Queensland gives you a 5 working day cooling off period, starting on the day that you or we receive your contract, signed, enabling you to terminate the contract for no reason, and have your deposit returned.

The seller can claim a 0.25% penalty (usually deducted from the deposit) if you do exercise your right to terminate under the cooling off provisions.

Meet Our conveyancing Experts

Bernie Gunders

Bernie Gunders

Conveyancing Manager

With over 13 years’ experience in this area of law, and driven to perfect service delivery in an industry that is ripe for disruption, Bernie pushes to ensure her team is well resourced and well trained in project management.

Bernie specialises in Hamilton Island transactions which, although complex, are very rewarding – helping clients own their own piece of paradise.

Emma Damgaard

Emma Damgaard


After emigrating from Sweden where she graduated with a Masters of Laws from the University of Lund and worked as an associate in a law firm, Emma joined us as a para-legal in the property team.

Since joining us she has won over a strong legion of clients with her tenacity in ensuring that her knowledge of the product she’s helping develop and the areas of law she works in are unmatched.

Kale Archer

Kale Archer

Law Graduate

After completing his legal studies at James Cook University in 2018 Kale has joined our conveyancing Team.

Kale is quickly becoming an important part of our team. Kale has a strong process and client focus and approaches every task with an enthusiastic and fresh approach.


Lila McGuire

Lila McGuire

Conveyancing Para-legal

Originally from South Australia, Lila moved to the Whitsundays in 2015.

Quick to adapt to new processes, and possessing maturity beyond her years, Lila is an extremely dedicated, professional member of our team.  This has led to her taking on the role of mentor to new conveyancing team members, assisting them to learn what is a very complex, highly evolved and unique process in our firm.

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Essential Information About Your Rights & Obligations



Titles Office Registration fees are payable. These fees are calculated on the Purchase Price.


Transfer duty is calculated on the purchase price and your intended use of the property such as whether the property will be your first home, home or an investment.

Buyer And Seller Checklists