What Do You Want From Your Law Firm?

We’re Built to Adapt

Responsive Delivery

While we’re really good at law we’re even better at understanding your priorities and offering strategic and practical advice.

Expert Lawyers

We’re Always Aiming High. We believe that the gap between good and great makes the difference.

Fee Certainty

We won’t forget what’s important to you. We’ll work to deliver a product that fits your budget.

More than skin deep

Since we began, the mission’s been simple: be thankful for your business, understand your issues before anything, treat you how we’d like to be treated, and give a damn about your outcome. So when we work with you, we push hard to understand the root cause and give you options.

This keeps choice and control with you, where it should be.

you’re in control

We aim to offer a service that suits you, and we’re heavily invested. Our legal products are friction free, ever evolving (literally daily), transparent, and tailored to what you need, not just what’s traditionally offered. You get to decide on your level of investment, every step of the way.

Nimble legal service

We see the evolution of legal services as a very exciting challenge, and we want to be at the forefront. Our approach is based on the essentials of project management to operate efficiently, squillions of evolving checklists to assure quality control, and continual technology investment to ensure we’re able to offer best practice and the most affordable price.

About Us
We use legal knowledge and project management skills and combine these with technology to deliver optimised products and services. We don’t accept that legal knowledge is the only service we can deliver to our clients.
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We’ve written some really simple guides covering off the essentials when setting out on a business venture, buying and selling property and buying on Hamilton Island.     We’ve kept the content clean, to the point and relevant. We hope you like them.


We selected PD Law on a referral from the real estate agent. I am pleased to say that referral was first rate. We are very satisfied with the manner in which Bernie Gunders handled our conveyancing matter and would not hesitate in using her again.


We had a difficult situation to settle from abroad with time and financial constraints. Bernie and the team were fantastic in their efforts to get it over the line. Great job and will be using PD Law exclusively again.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gail Absolon and the team at PD Law their assistance throughout the sale of our property in Brisbane and the purchase of this property in Mackay. This has, by far, been the most professional conveyancing experience we have had during the sale or purchase of any of our properties over the last 20years. We would not hesitate to continue to use your services in the future and recommend them to others. Thank you very much again! Stan


Our structure, our management and our DNA is not limited to solicitors grinding away. We’ve got access to a much broader skill set as a result. Likewise, PD Law’s not defined just by really good legal minds, but by anyone who can quite simply make things better. The potential for excellent service delivery really is limitless. And very exciting.


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“We believe that the gap between good and great makes the difference”.

Our lawyers aren’t general practitioners. They leverage off strong project management skills and process mapping tools to provide effective, timely service in their field of expertise.