PD Law Business and Development Team Grows

May 4, 2018 | Business, Latest News

PD Law Business and Development Team Grows

Being the son of a civil engineer in high demand often leads to lots of travel for the family, and that’s no different for Lucas Hickey, who has joined our business and property development team at PD Law. From Brisbane to PNG, Samoa to Perth and everywhere in between, Lucas is very well travelled. ‘No doubt it can be a bit tough as a kid moving to a new school every few years, sometimes sooner, but I got to see a lot, and worked out how to make friends quickly!’

After graduating from JCU with a law degree and masters in alternative dispute resolution, Lucas kicked off his career with a well established regional firm in Townsville. ‘I think alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a great complement to the law degree, as it opens up options that might not otherwise be there with a traditional legal approach. Don’t get me wrong I’ll go in to battle when I need to but as a lawyer, I think I can add more value to a client’s matter when they have choices, and that’s what ADR does: it offers more choices.’

As for areas of law, he’s widely experienced. ‘Every lawyer says they’re passionate about one thing or another so I am always cautious about that word as it’s a bit over used. To be honest I think the most effective way to practise law is to live and breathe my client’s business, issues and concerns. My clients come back to me because I make it my business to know what they’re up to, and what challenges they face. It gives me the opportunity to properly diagnose and look at fixing a real legal issue hopefully before it bites’.

To blow off steam, Lucas is all about the outdoors lifestyle with cycling, fishing, camping and hiking on the to do list. Recently adding kite surfing to the list, Lucas is looking forward to immersing himself in the Whitsundays way of life. “I’m a real believer in keeping active, and it’s great to see the PD Law team embraces this as well. The place has an authentic, vibrant feel about it. I’m looking forward to contributing.’

Thanks Lucas, and welcome. Enjoy the Whitsundays.