Estate Planning


I’m too young to worry about this.

Wrong. Get organised and take control.

Congratulations! If you’re here, you’re responsible and about to be a whole lot more informed. The number of people without even the most basic personal estate planning strategy in place is staggering. Of all the things in the world that we know will happen, death tops the list, and planning around it is so easily within our control.


What’s the downside?

If you don’t establish even the most basic of wills, it’s more than likely going to result in a mess for others to clean up, or fight over:

  • Your children and their future
  • Loved ones not receiving what they may be entitled to
  • Loved ones fighting over what they think they’re entitled to
  • Missed opportunities to save on tax
  • Missed opportunities to protect assets for those who need it
  • Cost – a lot more than a will


We all need a will. Don’t put it off and make a start now. It is very easy, and potentially the best investment you’ll make in your life.

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Elizabeth Smith

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