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When You Need Someone to Fight For You

Being Charged with a criminal offence?

You Only Have One Chance To Get It Right

It’s important to remember that you’re presumed innocent until you’re proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in Court. Facing the justice system alone and successfully defending yourself can be an insurmountable task and frankly not worth the risk. Our criminal law experts practice exclusively in this area and will work to identify the best outcome for you and advocate for you at all stages of the court process.


Price is important in stressful times. Equally as important is the adage you get what you pay for. We don’t hold ourselves out to be the cheapest provider of legal services, but nor are we the most expensive. What we do hold ourselves out to be is very good at our job, practical, and responsive. You’ll also know exactly what it will cost you. Client satisfaction is how we judge our performance, not price.


Legal expertise is just the start. We also give you outstanding service. Our solicitors are experts in criminal law. Our knowledge will help you achieve the best outcome possible.


when you need someone to fight for you 

Being charged with a criminal offence may be the most stressful ordeal you will ever experience. You need a local criminal defence lawyer in your corner! So far you’ve probably been arrested and charged by the police, you’ve been placed on conditions, and you have to appear in court. You’ve already been through a lot, but this is just the beginning.

Although presumed innocent, prosecutions will likely begin to build a case against you. Even if you are not sentenced to a jail term, a criminal conviction itself can have ramifications such as difficulties obtaining employment and hassles with international travel.

In order to level the playing field, you need to know your rights and how to defend those rights. Our criminal lawyers can assist you if you are required to be interviewed by police, need to be represented in court after the police have charged you or you have already been found guilty and want to appeal the sentence.

We offer compassionate, clear and professional advice. We will prepare you for your court appearance. We will prepare you for the outcomes and provide you with the information you need to decide whether to plead, either not guilty or guilty. We will make you feel at ease and well represented.

Defending your rights is not just about knowing the law. We believe it is also important to understand your particular circumstances, your history, and what’s important to you. We take the time to meet with you and listen. As our services are not something you planned on budgeting for so we offer the first consultation for half price. 

Meet Our Criminal Law Experts

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Senior Lawyer

As the civilian prosecutor for the Queensland Police Service in the Whitsunday Region, Elizabeth dedicated 6 years to ensuring that people abided by the law.  It was here that Elizabeth’s skills as an advocate and knowledge of this difficult area of law were honed, and her experience in criminal law is widely recognized as unparalleled among peers.

Elizabeth has a strong sense of justice for her clients’ causes and tempers this with a very practical approach to realistic outcomes so she can close out issues efficiently and without unnecessary expense.

Ali Ladd

Ali Ladd


Ali has a passion for criminal and litigation law and strong interpersonal skills that allow her to connect with clients and deliver the best possible outcomes. Her strong work ethic and organizational skills ensure that matters are handled efficiently and cost-effectively. Both these areas of law utilise her exceptional research skills and talent for identifying and extracting the key issues of a situation. Ali brings enthusiasm and energy to her work that is rare in the industry.

Need Access TO Legal Advice But Don’t Think You Can Afford It?

Are You Eligible for Legal Aid?

PD Law is a preferred supplier for legal aid in the region.  We can assist you with your eligibility and assist with you with making an application for a grant of aid.

To get a grant of legal aid, you must:

  • be financially eligible under the Legal Aid means test
  • have a legal problem which meets Legal Aid guidelines, which are based on the priorities set by the government
  • meet the Legal Aid merits test

How to get an application form:

You can use the client authority form(PDF, 83KB) to authorise another person to communicate with us about your application.

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Need Access To Legal Advice But Don’t Think You Can Afford It?

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