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Whatever you are in trouble for

PD Law can help. Being arrested and appearing in court can be extremely stressful and our experienced lawyers will explain things so they are easy for you to understand.

If you are under investigation or arrested for any offence

We can help you to get the best result possible as early as possible. We appreciate the consequence of having a conviction on your record and how this impacts not only you but your family, friends and your way of life.

It is important that you obtain experienced legal representation, as early as possible so you know your rights.

We know how the system works

Our criminal lawyers can assist you if you are required to be interviewed by police, need to be represented in court after the police have charged you or you have already been found guilty and want to appeal the sentence.

We offer compassionate, clear and professional advice. We will prepare you for your court appearance. We will prepare you for the outcomes. We can provide you with the information you need to decide whether to plead, either not guilty or guilty. We will make you feel at ease and well represented.

Do you need financial assistance for your legal matter?

Well now you can ask us - PD Law is now a preferred supplier for legal aid in the region. This means we can assist with your eligibility and help you to complete an application form which we can lodge online. Currently PD Law can provide legal help through legal aid...

Are you at risk of losing your licence? You may be eligible for a Special Hardship Order.

Have you: been caught doing more than 40km/hr over the speed limit; or lost more demerit points after being placed on a good behaviour period for 12 months. If you need your licence to keep your job, or to get to and from work, or for other special reasons, you may be...

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Court

When it comes to court etiquette, it can be difficult to know when you’re required to appear, what to wear, and what happens if you fail to meet your court obligations. If the Police issue you with a notice to appear, or you have signed a bail undertaking, you’re...

Planning a night out in Airlie? Here’s what you need to know…….

From 1 July, 2017 State Parliament introduced amendments to liquor licencing laws in Queensland. Because Airlie Beach is a designated Safe Night Precinct, a number of measures have been put in place that may impact on your night out. Got ID? Venues that trade past...

Are you about to lose your drivers licence? You may be eligible for a restricted work licence.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where your driver’s licence is in jeopardy, due to being caught by police with drugs or alcohol in your system, you might still have options. A restricted work licence is available in certain circumstances where: You’ve been...

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