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Don’t Limit Your Options

Be Informed

There’s more to owning a business than starting or buying it. Make sure you’re informed.

Exploit Your Opportunities

Your lawyer should be more than just making sure your lease is suitable and your assets as safe as possible from potential risk. This is critical, but it’s just the beginning.

We look at your proposed business, we consult with your other advisors (for instance your accountant, banker, financial planner), we take an in depth look at your personal circumstances and experience, how you hold your other assets now, and what it is you’re embarking on, and we offer you solutions. In keeping with our Fixed Fee Policy  you can choose how much you’d like us involved.

Essential Business Services

We can help with:

  • Retail Shop and other business (commercial, industrial, rural) leasing
  • Business transactions – purchases and sales, options
  • Business due diligence
  • Buying entity structuring and business succession planning
  • Shareholders’ and partnership agreements, buy/sell and related funding agreements
  • Franchises
  • Related party / family asset protection
  • Credit management and funding

Growth Business Services

We can help with:

  • Expanding, multi branch offices
  • Licensing and franchising
  • Business systems
  • Business change and growth management
  • SEO and web based marketing
  • Business Growth funding

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Lucas Hickey

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